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Please fill in the form above to express an interest in joining the FOTM club. The club is limited to 110 people only to allow me to be able to get the fabrics dyed and sent out in within the month ordered. The club is currently full but if you would like to be added to the waiting list please fill out the form and I will happily add you to the queue. If/when you are next in line I will contact you to see if you still wish to be a part of the club. PLEASE NOTE THE WAITING LIST IS QUITE LONG AT THIS TIME WITH OVER 40 APPLICANTS THIS MEANS THERE MAY BE A LONG WAIT. I CAN STILL ADD YOUR NAME TO THE WAITING LIST BUT PLEASE BEAR THIS IN MIND.


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How it works

  • Sign up with your preferred fabric type and cut.
  • You will receive an email at the end of the month with a sneak preview of the following months FOTM offering.
  • You have a few days (exact timescales will be specified on the email) to let me know if you either want to make amendments to the order (i.e. change the size cut or fabric) or skip a month. If you are happy with your initial sign up choice there is no need to contact me.
  • FOTM invoices are generated via Paypal once the amendment time allowance is over.
  • The invoice must be paid within the month it was issued or it will be cancelled, you do however have the whole of the month to pay.
  • There is no minimum sign up commitment but if you skip or do not pay for two consecutive months you will be removed from the club.
  • As an incentive to join the club I will be offering exclusive fabrics only available to club members occasionally throughout the year. These will be using techniques that are not economically viable to introduce into the main range of fabrics but are fine as a smaller run and therefore will be something out of the ordinary. The exclusives are not subject to the normal 10% FOTM discount and do not class as a skip if you decide it’s not for you. To be eligible for the exclusives you must have been a paying club member for at least three months.
  • Alchemy points accrued will be added to your account at the beginning of the next calendar month (eg Septembers points will be added at the beginning of October)


Prices and cut sizes for your information (all sizes are in inches)

Aida 14/16/18/20 & 22cnt Hardanger

9 x 12 – £3.60

13 x 18 – £7.20

18 x 26 – £14.40

26 x 36 – £28.80

Aida opalescent 14/18cnt

9 x 12 – £4.05

13 x 18 – £8.10

18 x 26 – £16.20

26 x 36 – £32.40

Evenweave – 25cnt Brittney/27cnt Linda/28cnt Brittney/28cnt Jazlyn/32cnt Murano

9 x 12 – £3.38

13 x 18 – £6.75

18 x 26 – £13.50

26 x 36 – £27.00

Evenweave opalescent 25cnt Brittney/28cnt Brittney/32cnt Murano

9 x 12 – £4.05

13 x 18 – £8.10

18 x 26 – £16.20

26 x 36 – £32.40

Linen 28cnt Cashel/32cnt Belfast

9 x 12 – £4.05

13 x 18 – £8.10

18 x 26 – £16.20

26 x 36 – £32.40

Linen opalescent 28cnt Cashel/32cnt Belfast

9 x 12 – £4.50

13 x 18 – £9.00

18 x 26 – £18.00

26 x 36 – £36.00