About Chromatic Alchemy


My name is Sam and I am the owner at Chromatic Alchemy. I have always loved pretty hand dyed fabrics and the way they can make a project come alive. After a long love affair with other hand-dyers I thought it was about time I tried this for myself, and so, after much research and test dyeing, Chromatic Alchemy was born. As a stitcher myself I have an understanding of the needs of my customers and I am very happy to work with you to come up with the perfect fabric for your project. Please feel free to email me or contact me via the Facebook group for a personal consulatation .

Now for the official bit…

Chromatic Alchemy is a small business based in the UK selling hand dyed needlework fabrics. I use only top quality branded Zweigart fabrics and professional grade dyes for all my hand dyed products. Although the dyes utilised create a strong covalent (permanent) bond with the fabric there may be some residual un-reacted dye molecules within the fibres therefore the fabrics and flosses are NOT sold as colourfast